Sunday, March 8, 2015

ISIS Militants Destroy Iraq's Ancient Hatra City: Officials

ISIS Militants Destroy Iraq's Ancient Hatra City: Officials:

When ISIS first made The Front Page; I. was sympathetic to
the cause of fundamentalist Muslim nationalism, on the grounds of Self
Determination. What right did we have to question another Society's endeavor to
succeed as order of the day; Global Humanity, The Euro, Christianity ? I. saw
the so called Atrocities these fanatical rebels were committing, as no
different from any of the competing forces about them, including Israel and the
Allied Coalition. As a Socialist, I. saw ISIS as simply an Arab Spring, or a
Muslim Brotherhood on Steroids; anticipating the eventual evolution from Muslim
Fundamentalism, into Muslim Republic as providing the best prospect on current
trends towards Left Wing parliamentary representation. How were the situations
in Tunisia, Syria, Bahrain, or Egypt, any better ?
But Alas, the movement of late, has shown the lack of
Leadership and Integrity, so common to all Mob Revolts and Anarchist Riots.
This is no Cultural Revolution, no Purge of all that is Bourgeois; The cold
hard fact of the matter is, this is nothing more than a Joy Ride, a Looting,
and Pillaging of all that is unattainable by sympathetic means of Shame, Hate,
and the Lust for Power.

Nothing ever accomplished by either The Soviet Union, The
Peoples Party, or even The Ottoman Empire, cold serve as prerequisite for this.
What a waste of Revolutionary Ideal. The Lower Classes of The Near East and
Africa must get wise to this Fail in the guise of  Islamic Fundamentalism, or it shall doom
their greatest hopes, ultimately.

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